Frequently Asked Questions

Target Popper is a FREE membership rewards site. We have partnered with many market research companies who are looking for your opinion on new products or would like you to be a member of their website. In return for your time and participation, you will earn PayPal cash!

Membership is free. If you’re looking to post a survey and gain valuable user feedback, the cost is $2 per survey posted plus an additional charge per survey completion. You can set this amount on the survey creation page.

Surveys are from market research companies who are willing to reward you for your opinion on new products and services. You should check the surveys page every day as the survey inventory changes on a daily basis. There will generally be more surveys Monday to Friday. To be credited, you must complete the survey until the thank you page.

Fill out the contact form and we’ll answer your query as soon as possible.

At the moment, Target Popper users can only redeem cash via PayPal.

Not at the moment, but look for updates on this in the coming months!